About Geela Lifestyle and Simply On Bed Skirt

In 2014, Angela Joyner founded GeeLa Lifestyle based out of Miami, FL with the idea that efficiency, can be achieved in the simplest way. Her product, Simply On, was designed to revolutionize the standard bed skirt.

GeeLa Lifestyle is dedicated to bringing you practical products that instill your life with a sense of efficiency, and harmony. We recognize that time is valuable. We create each innovative lifestyle item to maximize simplicity and enhance style in your home.

Message from the Founder and CEO Angela Joyner

A bed skirt is the perfect, stylish finish to a well-dressed bed. I often wondered why an essential element of bedding could be so cumbersome and time-consuming to use.

How often have you thought twice about installing or changing your bed skirt because of the amount of time it takes? Do you enjoy lifting a heavy mattress? Do you need to launder your bedding more frequently because of pets?

Inspiration struck after injuring my own back while wrestling with a bed skirt installation. I designed Simply On Bed Skirt® to simplify and “take the pain” out of the traditional bed skirt concept.

I am thrilled to introduce Simply On Bed Skirt. I know it will revolutionize the bedding industry and make housekeeping easier!

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